Real Estate Website IDX Improvements

Tue, Jan 6th 2009 4:42 am by Chad Weaber Development

Early this morning, we rolled out a global update to our IDX/CMS product. This was a huge update that included new features, updates to existing features and misc bug fixes.

[General IDX]

  • Added Ability to sort frontend search tabs via drag/drop backend control
  • Added controls for selecting layouts on a per search page basis. Basically, your search by subdivision page, or search by map page can now have completely different layouts. This could be useful in circumstances where you want a wider search page and want to eliminate a sidebar navigation.
  • Added "Class Type" multi-select to search criteria
  • Added Search By Area to search criteria (If enabled, and if your board has areas)
  • Adde...

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Welcome Aboard,

Tue, Dec 16th 2008 10:40 am by Chad Weaber Development

Our first Real Estate IDX website for the Charleston, SC area has gone live --

Marshall Walker, of has been a true champ to us this past week by submitting quality bug reports and many product improvement ideas while we built his site. The process from start to finish took roughly a week and involved a complete conversion of his old site's table layout to CSS, creating a custom RETS parser, geocoder, and a ton of other stuff. It would of went alot smoother had we had the ftp data feed, but since CTAR is moving to RETS only in January, we figured we would get a headstart and dive right in.

The major goal for was to have features that...

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Upcoming Product Improvements

Sun, Dec 7th 2008 4:58 pm by Chad Weaber Development

With the launch of the Dynamic IDX Real Estate IDX/CMS just days away, we wanted to talk a little bit about what to expect in terms of product updates and the addition of new features after the initial product launch.

Our initial goal after the main rollout of the Real Estate IDX portion, is to finish up fixing any code issues that our testers worked hard to find. Keep in mind also, that with this type of product, and the amount of code we're talking about - you're never going to smash every single code problem. This product is built to scale rapidly and so far has been performing exceptionally well under heavy loads.

So with that said, here's what we're working on that will follow our ...

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We Have Arrived.

Fri, Dec 5th 2008 11:52 am by Chad Weaber General

Well, after months of long days, entirely too many sleepless nights and consuming more caffeine than any rational human being ever should, we have arrived.

For those of you who are meeting us for the first time, we are known as Dynamic IDX . Resistance is futile. Just kidding. (Or are we...)

But in all seriousness, Dynamic IDX is a highly skilled and qualified team made up of some of the hardest working and most talented professionals in the industry. It is their hard work and relentless pursuit of perfection that has created an industry-best product at prices much lower than the so-called "industry leaders."

At Dynamic IDX, we also want our clients to know that we care about their exp...

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