Frame/20 - IDX Search for MLS

IDX Frame/20


  • DynamicIDX's powerful advanced search.
  • Ability to upgrade your frame to any of our packages and carry over all the content and leads.
  • Many advanced features from our Integrated IDX solution included.
  • Our amazing customer service.

Our framed real estate idx solution is ideal for those who have existing websites but would like to add a powerful real estate search. Since our framed idx solution also includes many of the features found in the DynamicIDX Real Estate CMS, you will also be able to create forms, pages and more!.

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* Please note that any fees associated with DynamicIDX, LLC receiving an IDX feed from your association is the responsibility of the agent or BIC. Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annually, or Yearly fees are divided by the number of agents with a 2.75% processing fee. Do note that MLS Fees are subject to our Late Payment Policy as well. Some fees are absorbed by DynamicIDX once we have reached a set number of clients in that area.

* All Setup fees are non-refundable as are any advanced payments on maintenance.

* Frame rates only apply to MLS's we are currently in. View list

IDX Frame Examples

Wordpress Example

This is an example of the IDX Framed in on the Wordpress Platform
IDX Frame help videos

Frame basics

Lean how our frames work and what you get with our frames.

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Install frame on wordpress

Learn how to install our frame on a wordpress page.

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Install frame on wix

Learn how to install our frame on a wix page.

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DynamicIDX Content Management System

Standard features

  • File Manager
  • Email Templates
  • Custom forms
  • Web Form Manager
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Frames support responsive designs/mobile friendly

Real Estate Features

  • Lead Management
  • Lead Capturing Methods
  • Multiple lead Settings
  • Lead grouping
  • Agent profile
  • Listing Enhancer
  • Landing pages
  • Property RSS Feeds
  • Subdivision Module
  • Search by Map, City, Area, Address and more..
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Common Questions

Can I cancel my site?

You can cancel your account at any time. The current month’s maintenance will still be due in full unless you are paying annually which is non-refundable. Please note Cancelled Sites are deleted and can not be re-enabled. It's easy to cancel because there are no contracts with DynamicIDX.

Will I get customer servers with a frame?

You will get amazing customers service with your frame.

Can I use this frame on more than one website?

You can use your frame for up to two domains. 

  • Additional Domains/URL's are just $5 per month each.

Can I convert this frame to a full intergrated IDX site and keep its content?

Yes, for the cost of the other package setup fee you can convert this frame to a full intergrated IDX website and all the pages, blogs, contacts, custom forms you have created will go with you.