Cancel Your Site?

COVID-19 Message To Our Customers!

Our thoughts and prayers are with all our customers, and we will do all we can to help our customers maintain their online presence. Your website provides a critical connection to your clients, and we understand that during this time, it can be hard to make your payments on time. Due to this issue, we are suspending late fees for the next 90 days to help our customers keep and maintain their sites so that once things are back to normal, you will still have what will most likely be an even more critical part of your business. (Read More)

Why Do I have to Fill Out This Form?

We are unable to accept cancelation requests via email/support tickets as there is no way to verify that the sender is the owner of the site. This form will help us verify that you are in fact the owner of your site by recording the information needed. The other option you have is to call our billing department at 843.637.2411x3 

We Value Your Business!

We'd like the opportunity to resolve any issue you've experienced with us and we work hard to give our clients the best product backed up by the best customer service. If you are canceling because you have issues with your website and you have not contacted us already, please give us a chance to help by calling our sales department or submitting a ticket in your client portal.

Your Dynamic IDX website is the most powerful, most dynamic IDX solution on the market. You don't have to change IDX vendors just because you changed real estate firms, hired a different designer, SEO company or marketing company. Don't spend extra money moving all your contacts, pages and SEO ranking to another platform. There is no reason why your consultants can't work with your website to help you change branding, design, or increase leads. All you need to do is create a free admin account for them. Website designers, SEO and marketing experts love the power of the Dynamic IDX Platform!

Changing companies?

If you are changing companies, there is no need to cancel your website and start over with an inferior solution. Simply fill out the website transfer/move form.

Cost an Issue?

If cost is an issue, please look at some of our other packages as you can always upgrade or downgrade your website. Please consider our Bronze, single-agent website at $69+/month. Learn more about our Bronze package.

Cancellation Form:

For your protection, we cannot cancel a website over the phone or by email. Instead, please fill out this form. By submitting this form you agree to our terms of use as it pertains to the cancellation of your website. You can read more at

We may require additional information in order to proceed with the cancellation of your website. Unless you receive a confirmation notice of this website cancellation, we may not have received your request and your website would then remain active.

Please allow up to 3 business days for the website to be canceled. Unless requested otherwise, your website will automatically terminate before the next billing period. Thank you, and keep us in mind should you require IDX website services again in the future.

Your Contact Information
Website Ownership Verification

Invoices are usually emailed seven days before the first day of each billing period. The billing period starts on the first day of the month. To avoid being charged for another billing period, you must cancel your website before first day of the billing period during business hours. For example, if the billing period starts on Sunday, you must cancel before the end of business hours on the preceding Friday in order for your invoice to be voided, otherwise you will be invoiced for another billing period and the website will be scheduled to be canceled on the first day of the next billing period.

Per our Terms of Use, we do not refund or pro-rate refunds on advanced payments on hosting or maintenance.

When to Disable Your Website

Your website will be scheduled for cancellation and remain accessible until the end of the billing period. However, we can disable your website making it inaccessible before it is cancelled.

Reason for Cancelling