Website Setup

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What is included and what you will need to provide:

Basic Design

Home page with header and footer. We will add your home page content as well if you provide it for us in a written form.
Social media links to your already created accounts.
About us page, Please provide us with any content you would like on this page.
Two agent profiles where you provide us with the agent's bio and we will add it as well as their photo if you wish. Please make sure the photo is 1080x1080. Will also show their listings if they have any
IDX Search form
Blog Section where you can create categories if you like.
Footer where you can add your logos and other resources. We will install your company logo for you.


Some of our more advanced designs have blocks that can represent areas or schools. Here you will provide us with the links and the names of the blocks. If you wish we can build these for you but there is an additional cost for creating the content and links.

You can find a list of all the custom designs here!

Header Images

Please make sure to acquire your images in a legal manner. You don’t want this to come back to you down the road. Image and video suggested sizes; 1920x1080 / Videos 1080p.
The best way to send us the images is to upload them to a dropbox folder and share the folder with us. If you are not accustomed to dropbox, you can email each image to


Some of our layouts have a sidebar. The content and links for this we will need you to provide content for. If you wish to hire us to create the content for this, we can do this but it is not included in the setup. Every site is different because every agent targets different areas with different content.

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