Search Engine Optimized URLs for IDX Property Detail Pages

Property detail page URLs can be optimized for search engines result pages (SERPs) in Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Since people use phrases containing addresses, cities, zip codes, etc., when searching on-line for real estate, having these words in your URL increases your chances of high rankings for these search terms.

In a highly competitive market, it may be difficult to compete for the most commonly searched short phrases. For single agents and small to medium-sized brokerage firms, targeting long-tail search terms (3-5 word search terms) are an effective way to achieve high rankings in search engines. Long-tail searches are used less frequently, but search engine optimization (SEO) for them is much easier to achieve.

We give you the ability to customize your property detail pages' URLs. This is great for SEO. Note, the MLS number will exist at the end of every URL in order to maintain a unique page URL.

Example without SEO'd property URLs:
Notice that just the property class and MLS number (shaded yellow) is at the end.

Example with SEO'd property URLs:
Notice how the full address is now in the ULR for Google to use when it indexes your site.

Make sure to read the "Cost" section and if you are not clear, please contact sales for more information.

Contact Information
Website Address and Desired Format
If your site is still under development, list its URL. If your site is live, list your live URL.
Example: or
Type your own format. It must end with "-(mls).html"
Available fields are: (address) (city) (state) (zip) (class)
Words or phrase can be used and hyphens in between fields/words are recommended.
Valid characters are 0-9, lowercase a-z, the hyphen (-) and the underscore (_).
(once setup, monthly fees are $10.00 / month.  There is an additional fee of $100.00 to modify it again)