What Web Solution Is Right For Me?

Posted By Mark Fitzgerald @ Mar 2nd 2009 10:18am In: Development

As a realtor, you are commonly faced with the decision of what is the right web solution? Though there are a number of providers, there are only a select few methods. Some Associations even have a website and or frame solution that they will provide to their agents for a very small fee compared to most vendors. But do these solutions really help you get the traffic and quality leads you are looking for? In order to answer these questions, lets first understand what a framed solution is.

When it comes to framed solutions, for most agents, it seems like a very good fit. You have low upfront cost and very low monthly cost to boot. But with framed solutions, you still have to purchase a web site that will allow you to implement the frame search. Yes, that is exactly what a framed solution is. You are simply framing the search into your existing site or a site that you purchase. Think of it as a piece of paper and just cut a square out of the center and look through the empty square at your search. First thing that might come to mind is, what if the square is not big enough or won't that look horrible on my existing site, not to mention what would my clients think about it? These are all very good questions and very viable ones at that. Most framed in solutions do in fact impede the site more than it helps. But when you have a Real Estate website, you do need some form of search in order to keep your customers coming back and if money is very tight and leads and SEO are not as important, then a frame solution might just fit until another cost effective opportunity presents itself.

Now that you have a better understanding of what a framed solution is and does, let’s go over what a framed solution does not do for you. When it comes to having a web presence, your primary goal is to gather qualified leads, rank in the search engines as high up as you can (given the time and money available to you) and be able to make changes to your site with relative ease while keeping up with the latest technology so your site does not get outdated. Wow, that is a lot more than you were probably thinking, but those are just a few of the points that many realtors are not aware of. With a framed solution, you lose the indexing of your real estate property pages by the search engines as well as control over the property content and when it comes to your board, the technology is rarely cutting edge, not to mention, you usually still have the added cost of a site so you can use the frame. As you can see we have quickly eliminated three (3) out of the four (4) primary needs of a good website when using a frame.

Let’s answer the above questions in a more direct approach now that you have a bit more information under your belt. If the web solution you are looking at does not have good tools, not only to manage the content, but to manage the leads, content and SEO tools and a foundation that will get your SEO up and on its feet right from the start, then you might want to rethink the solution. Remember, your website is your first impression to your clients. We believe your website is where you should put your best foot forward. Just having a website is not enough. You need a website that will captivate your clients and keep them coming back and using the tools you provide for them. Our solutions are very cost effective and for just a little bit more than what you would spend on a frame, you can have the entire package and wow your clients!

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Myrtle Beach Real Estate says...
on 07/15/09

Great article, that clears a lot up for me and I'm sure for many more.

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