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Posted By Mark Fitzgerald @ Feb 28th 2009 6:43pm In: Development

As with any complete IDX solution, there are MLS data feeds for each and every Association of Realtors and when property data is involved, the inevitable questions are always asked. How often do you update your feed? Will changes to the feed cost more?

When it comes to MLS data feeds, we work very hard to make sure your property data is updated daily. For the majority of Associations, this is not a problem at all but there is always maintenance with each and every MLS data feed and we have to keep a close eye on each and every one of them..

Some Association of Realtors provide us with what is called an Incremental MLS data feed (We receive only new and updated properties). Incremental MLS data feeds are very useful in that we can process only the changes in data instead of all property data. This is a much faster process and in the future when we are able to pull the feed more than once a day will be very effective. There are of course some drawbacks with this system in that automated system do have the tendency to drop some data and because of this we like to pull a full feed once every 7 days just to make sure everything is in sync.

Another question we are asked is why do I not see the property I put in yesterday on my site? This is very possible as each Association has a cut off time as to when they render the properties out to us or we pull from. If you have a property or a property change that does not show up right away don’t worry just make sure it does show within 48 hours and if not please by all means put a ticket in so we can assess the situation and correct any issues that might have changed. As with any automated system issues can arise and here at Myrsol we do everything in our power to keep this at a minimum.

It is common for some Association of Realtors to change data without informing us. We have had this happen on numerous occasions even though they are supposed to give us thirty (30) days notice. Do not worry as we keep multiple backups of the current data and issues can be resolved quickly and without interruptions of your site. It is important to note that any changes to your data feed that are a direct cause from changes your Association of Realtors might have made will not reflect as a cost to you. These costs are considered maintenance and are covered under your monthly maintenance plan.

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Chad says...
on 03/01/09

Good post Fitz. You've touched on alot of good points. There is so much involved in MLS Data feeds, its crazy. My wish is to one day have a TRUE standardized feed format instead of each board doing it different.

Also Maybe we should explain "data scrubbing" in a new post.

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