Qualified VS Non-Qualified Leads

Posted By Mark Fitzgerald @ Feb 27th 2009 1:59pm In: Development

Before I kick off this topic let me first introduce myself. My name is Mark Fitzgerald aka “Fitz”. I have been around Real Estate most of my life and have written a number of tools over the years to help realtors in their day to day business. For 9 years I was the VIP for development for a company in RTP called Random Games. We contracted out a number of game titles from Scrabble, Hasbro’s version(s), to War hammer Chaos gate 40k. During this time, I was also working with realtors to help them with their software needs. After 2002 I moved into Real Estate Web Development full time and stepped out of the game industry for good. One thing about working in the game industry is you lose your luster over time for playing games.

After working more than 6 years for a small company developing Real Estate Web solutions, my partner and I ventured out on our own with a very small business model and one amazing product that we could not wait to unleash onto the Real Estate market. Yes we had a lot of people ask us if the current economy was going to affect our business, but our answer was very simple. What realtor would not want to have a much better product than they have now for a much lower monthly cost that will bring qualified leads? On that note, let’s talk a bit about Qualified and non-Qualified leads.

One of the primary reasons for most Real Estate web sites is to generate qualified leads. You might ask yourself what is the difference between a qualified and a non-qualified lead. There is not really a direct answer for this so I am going to tell you my point of view on this subject.

Our product allows the potential client to qualify themselves both directly and indirectly. What I mean by directly is that a client has the ability to register with the site which will directly qualify them as someone who is interested enough in your site to volunteer their information in order to use the tools and services your site provides. On the other hand, a client can indirectly qualify by simply using the site and by doing so, the system will keep up with the properties they have viewed and thus the price range and area they are looking in. Now when this client does an inquiry, you can tell just how qualified a lead they are. This information can help you serve you clients in a more professional manor and because you are working with qualified buyers, you will have more time to provide your clients instead of having to shuffle through a lot of bad leads that come from so many of those template solutions out there.

One of the main goals of any Real Estate web site should be to have good lead qualifying tools available to both the agent and the client. These tools help you provide quality information to your clients and at the same time, provide the clients with a quick and comfortable home search experience.

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