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Posted By Mark Fitzgerald @ Feb 19th 2010 5:14pm In: Development

After our holiday upgrade, we had a few of our clients put in suggestions. Some of these suggestions were complicated but we hope to have them out in the very near future. Some were a bit less complicated and we have included them in this release. There will be another release with our advance broker system coming out in a couple weeks and yes, it is included, as are all of our features. Below is a list of the features in this release. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter. We are here to make your web experience as easy as possible!

- Blog Tags
- Added Tagcloud snippet {{tagcloud}} to be used within layouts/elements.
- Added Blog Archives snippet {{blog_archives}} to be used within layouts/elements.
- Threaded comments on blog
- Meta Keywords/Description for individual blog posts
- Added Tweetmeme functions to individual pages. Must be enabled on a page by page basis.
- Improved some emails sent to agent/broker to include listing view history and search history
- Improved code in menu builder to show "parent" pages instead of all pages being grouped.
- Fixed a long standing bug in file manager that would not display files in folders in some circumstances, even though files existed in the folder.

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Comments (5)

justin says...
on 04/21/10

by any chance have you guys been successful installing the "smartlook" extension for Issuu.com? i'm wondering if it will also conflict with prototype...

Justin says...
on 04/14/10

the more i work with the Myrsol platform the more I am pleased with how flexible and customizable it is.
I have a quick question: If i wanted to upload jquery scripts to the site, how and where would i do this? file uploads doesnt seem to want to accept it. thanks Mark...

Chad Weaber says...
on 04/15/10


We use prototype in our system, so it will conflict with jquery unless you change a few things around.

Please put a ticket in and zip up the files and attach to ticket. I'll take a look at them.

Myrtle Beach South Stand Real Estate says...
on 03/04/10

I've been with MYRSOl for 4 1/2 months and have become more excited with my decision each and every day. In fact, it's been so good I just transferred my other site from a local host over to MYRSOL knowing it will only get better.

Thanks, for your professional help and superior customer service.

Doug Procter

Mark Fitzgerald says...
on 03/04/10

Doug, you are more than welcome. The web industry needed a company that was there for the agents and who would listen to the agents. We pride our self not just on our amazing product but on our customer service. We are looking forward to growing with our clients and not taking our eye off the ball.

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