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Platform Features

Your website should be one of the most important tools, if not the most valuable tool in your Real Estate Marketing arsenal. It needs to be automated, it needs to work for YOU, and it needs to be search engine friendly. With the Myrsol real estate IDX CMS Website, you are getting a product/tool that does all of this and MORE. We pack in the features and don't nickle and dime you for addons - cause we don't have addons! Everything is included, no matter what package you buy.

Page Creator

  • Creates SEO-friendly urls (that you control)
  • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor for easy page creation
  • Attach snippets and forms to pages very easily
  • Ability to create redirects
  • Meta controls for each page
  • Attach entire communities or cities of real estate listings to a page
  • Create hidden pages that only you can see until you're ready to publish.


Full Control to manage meta tags for all major parts of the system and outputs spider friendly urls that you control throughout the product.

Integrated Blog Management

  • Creates SEO friendly urls for your posts (that you control)
  • Track post views
  • Automated or manual blog Posting
  • Attach your real estate listings to your posts
  • Threaded comment system
  • Comment filtering & control
  • RSS feed for posts and comments
  • Create your own categories to file posts under
  • Add tags to your posts and create tag clouds!

Mobile & Responsive

The MYRSOL 3.0 system supports responsive mobile-friendly designs.

File Manager

  • Easily upload files for your website
  • Organize your files by creating directories for them
  • View your files in grid/list view or thumbnail view


Snippets are a short piece of text usually example: {{ profile_block }} — which can be inserted into your layout files. That piece of code runs through our system and transforms into an actual working piece of code. Such as the example shown here, a Profile Block will be shown on the frontend when someone is logged in, or a login box when someone isn't logged in. A full list of usable snippets are available above each editor that allows snippets in the backend of your website.

Form Management

  • Easily create forms via our drag-n-drop interface
  • Tracks and emails all form submissions
  • Create a "thank you page" in Page Management, then attach it to a form. Everytime someone fills out a form, they will be shown your own custom thank you page

Layout/View Editor

  • Complete control over your entire website layout.
  • Insert snippets anywhere in your layout.
  • Edit your site stylesheets (for advanced users) easily via an intuitive interface.
  • Supports responsive designs.

Real Estate Features

Our vision was to build a real estate IDX CMS website product that did the work for the real estate agent, so they could be out selling real estate and not updating their website constantly. The Myrsol real estate CMS is exactly what alot of real estate agents have been asking for - An "all-in-one" product that has NO addons, and NO contracts. When you buy the Myrsol real estate IDX CMS product, your website will be constantly updated with improved code, more features, and best of all — any new modules that we program will be absolutely FREE. *Some features do require a small setup fee.

Lead Management

  • Manage your leads with ease. Multiple methods of lead distribution should satisfy any type of site - Single Agent, Multi Agent, and our very own invention - The Lead Lottery.
  • Tracks all aspect of a lead, including all searches performed, all viewed listings, assigned agent, outgoing emails and more.

Property Emails To Your Clients

Give your clients a reason to register and come back. With our property emails and RSS feeds your clients will have all the tools they need when looking for their next home. You can also modify the email templates to better represent your business.

Agents Management

  • Easily add new agents via an intuitive interface.
  • Optional meta information on a per agent basis.
  • Create your own URL alias for each agent profile page.
  • Allow agents to "Opt Out" from having their listings included in "Listing Feeds".
  • Drag-n-Drop sorting allows you to arrange your agents for frontend display.
  • Create agent logins and allow your agents to login and manage their leads or enter their own.
  • Optional (Agent Portal): Setup our agent portal and allow your agents to redirect their domain to their profile page and keep the leads they send to the site.
  • Optional (Agent Portal): Allow your agents to contrinute to the company blog from their own login.

Real Estate General Settings

  • Control what cities, subdivisions, classes are shown on the property search via easy to use backend controls.
  • Control what property statuses people can search on.
  • Require users to register/login to view listings, or after viewing (x) amount of listings.
  • Allow your users to login via their social media info.
  • Require users to register/login to search properties, or after searching (x) amount of times.
  • Support for simply registation, Allow your users to register via just their email address.

Listing Feeds

Property feeds specially coded for 3rd party sites, such as Zillow, Trulia, Google Base, Yahoo, and Vast. A guaranteed way to get even more exposure for your listings.

Listing Enhancer

  • Make your listings stand out from the rest by adding catchy headlines, extra text content and additional images.
  • Easily manage your enhanced listings via an easy to use interface, and WYSIWYG editor.

Property Summary & Detail Views

  • Multiple listing summary views to choose from - grid layout (multiple across), or list view
  • Detail view supports 3rd party tools such as Walkscore, Trulia Market Stats and Google Maps.

Saved Searches & Favorite Listings

  • Users can save searches that they perform while on your website and then subscribe to them to receive daily updates if listings fall within their search criteria.
  • Brokers/agents can create profiles and subscribe their users to custom saved searches.
  • RSS Feeds for your Saved Searches.
  • Users can save their favorite listings and track updates to price and status changes.