Big Corporations are destroying your organic SEO so you have to buy leads from them!

Posted By Mark Fitzgerald @ Sep 8th 2021 3:49pm In: Real Estate Search Engine Optimization

Big corporations that brokers/agents are moving their sites to are destroying their organic SEO in order to replace it with lead buying options. 

That’s right; the big dogs are getting brokers/agents to move away from smaller companies that provide the ability to have Organic SEO and replace it with more automation that the clients really don’t want and lack Organic SEO. 

They do this by offering free setup fees and a few months of monthly maintenance then hit you hard when your Organic SEO is gone and no longer brings you leads. Now you are at their mercy because as you all know building back up Organic SEO can take months or even years and yet can be taken away from you in weeks.

So what is Organic SEO? Well simply put it is the ranking your site has built up based on the unique content you add.  When you write up a blog post or create a page on your site that is unique to your market and to your site and others, the search engines see this and add the data to their database, creating what is called indexing of the site or crawling. Then when someone goes to a search engine and searches for  “home values in Charleston SC” and you wrote a fresh article about just that and have that phrase as part of the content you then have a chance of showing up.  But many of these new systems cloak that content to the search engines and so the work you are doing is invisible to them yet you are still doing work thinking it is helping.

So how do you find out what is showing up for your domain? Well, some system makes that very simple. For example, Google, If you enter “Site:{you full domain name}”, meaning including the www if your site has subdomains, it will show you all the indexed pages. Let’s use our domain as an example. has two subdomains which are “www” and “info”;

indexed pages all

So the subdomains are “www” and “info”. Some systems would use a person’s name like “bob.” Or “Lisa.”. So if I want to know just how many indexed pages there are for “www.”, I would visit Google and enter “” in the search box. It would then tell you it found about 80 results. So I know we have about 80 indexed pages with Google. If I was to enter “” it would combine the two and make the number much larger. This is actually a trick salespeople use when trying to get you to switch. Makes the index pages look much greater and at the same time makes your site’s indexed pages look much lower because usually, they will leave off the www for the one they are showing you then add It when showing you yours.

indexed pages only domain

What can you do? Protect yourself by making sure the sites do show your content. Enter a unique blog post or page then go to the page and view the page source.

view page source

How do you view the source, just right-click on any blank part of your page and a window will pop up and you can click the “view page source”. Then just press ctrl+f and you can search for something in that source that has what you wrote. If nothing is found then your page’s content is hidden from search engines.

One more thing to note, If you want to work with a US-based company, then make sure the company you are working with parent company is also headquartered in the US. Just because the branch is located in the US does not mean it is not headquartered elsewhere. An example would be, located in the US but the parent company Chime Industries is actually not in the US.

I hope this helps in your adventure to find a trust-worth web provider.

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