Phishing Email Scams By Trying To Spoof Cpanel Internal Message!

Posted By Mark Fitzgerald @ Oct 22nd 2021 2:09pm In: Security

Phishing email scams by trying to spoof cpanel internal messages

I know this goes without saying but if you are not sure about an email, never click on the links or even reply to it. If it pertains to your business, utilities, domain, or banking account, always first contact your provider directly from their website, phone, or their support system. Never ever trust email links!

Currently, there is a new Phishing email scam that uses Cpanel internal messages trying to scare you into clicking on them quickly with the concern that your website is running out of disk space or bandwidth. This message is very rare and very unlikely that you would get such a message unless you are the tech contact or host. These are internal messages that are passed around internally between your tech companies that you should not get bothered with. Do not click on these emails instead, if you are concerned contact your provider directly through their system, not through the email you received! you can always offer to forward the email to your tech company so they can inspect the email more to find out where it actually came from.

Here is an example email sent to one of our clients. Notice how real it looks, but there are misspellings like "bellow"

The domain "[CLIENTDOMAIN_REMOVED]" has reached its disk quota.

The account currently uses 97.63% of its disk capacity.

You should follow the link below to auto-extend your disk capacity for free as soon as possible in order to prevent the loss of any files and future emails. Use the Disk Capacity tool

Please be safe and always question emails you receive out of the blue!

Thank you Dynamic IDX, LLC support department.


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