DynamicIDX 3rd Party Custom Site

Here at DynamicIDX we strive to give our customers the best Web experience ever. We have all heard the horror stories of how someone purchased a website and it took months before it ever went live. That is one experience our customers will never have because we are very upfront with our customers when creating their website.

The primary reason for a long delay is poor communication. Poor communication on either side can postpone any project by weeks or even months. DynamicIDX strives to keep in constant communication with our clients before, during and after any project. We ask our customers during the development process to answer all our emails as quickly as possible and respond to our phone calls just as quickly. A delay on the customers end can not only slow down the development of your website but can also slow the development of any future customer’s websites as well.

Below you will find a number of questions that we will need answered as soon as possible. Please copy this page into an editor of your choice so you can answer these questions at your convenience. Please take a moment to review these questions in full before you start to answer them. Please wait until you have answered all the questions before sending them to us. These questions are vital for us to complete your website and are not to be taken lightly. Remember some of the questions that you answer here will be seen by thousands of potential clients. Let’s put our best foot forward when completing these questions.

Thank you for your time and your business.

DynamicIDX, LLC.

Your website:

Please specify the full website url this document is for:

Primary Contact Information:

  • Full name of contact
  • Email Address
  • all phone numbers. Please identify each number as office, mobile, etc.


Website / Administration

  • Primary or Broker Admin User name
  • Primary or Broker Admin password (please make at least 6 characters with numbers)
  • Primary or Broker Common Information like Full name, full address, phone, email etc.

Search Registration

Some agents like to have buyers register before they can see the details of any properties. Other agents like to allow the buyer to view a few property details but after so many views, have them required to register to see anymore. DynamicIDX understand the needs of our clients and therefore we have provided you with the ability to require registration in a dynamic way. Please let us know how you would like your required registration setup for the "View" property detail page as well as the searches a user can do before they are required to register. If you do not wish to require your clients to register you can just tell us unlimited.

  • Number of property Searches allowed before visitor must Register (0 = Unlimited)
  • Number of Property Detail "Views" allowed before visitor must Register (0 = Unlimited)

For more information on this topic please click here.

Email Accounts

Please send us all the email accounts along with their passwords that you would like to have setup on this site. Please make sure to note the primary email account as well so we know which account to have all client inquires sent to. If you wish to have the inquires sent to more than one account please let us know the primary and any the other accounts for us to cc them to.

Email Forwards

Please send us all the email forwards you wish to have setup on this domain. We also would like to know if you want the forwards to keep mail to the forwarding address on the server or not. Please do note that any mail kept on the server must be removed by you or your mailbox could become full and will then bounce messages back to the sender.