Frequently Asked Questions

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Does your product include "pre-written" content like some of the other real estate website providers?
No. These other companies are providing "dupe" content that is shared by all their customer websites. Lets be honest for a minute, your website is your new main lead generator. Why distract your potential clients into reading through pages and pages of content that they've probably read on another site? Our research shows that people browse real estate online because they are looking to see what properties look like, or whats included. People aren't coming to your website to see what the weather is, or to read industry real estate news.

Does your company provide pre-made "templates" for single listings, that allow me to post to Craigslist?
This is something that we do not currently offer, nor do we have any intentions of supporting the posting of commercial posts to Craigslist. We respect the Craigslist website and don't want to contribute to what could be a downfall with so many commercial listed posts. Craigslist terms of service can restrict "commercial" content.

I want to require people to register to view property information. Does your product allow that?
Yes, Our system does allow this. However, we highly recommend against this (unless your board requires it, of course) for many reasons. Many years of research went into browsing habits of people in the market for real estate. It's a proven fact that people want to remain anonymous and not be forced to give up their email address, phone number and even their name! By forcing someone to give up their information right away, you could possibly scare them away to go to another site that does not force registration thus losing a lead before you even had them, or you'll receive 10 times more "fake information" (dirty leads) from the person just so they can continue to browse. Our philosophy is let them do as they wish - our system will work better that way, and you will be more than happy with your lead quality then if you forced them to register.

I want to require people to register after performing (x) amount of searches. Can this be done?
Yes. This is one of the most requested features we've heard over the years. Some agents preferred to cut a user off after so many searches and require them to register. In the backend of our system, you can define after (x) amount of searches it will lock a user out from searching, before they are prompted to register with a nice message that you can customize.