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Why Secure Your Site with HTTPS and SSL?

  1. Google ranks HTTPS sites higher.
  2. Visitors feel more secure because popular browsers such as Chrome and Firefox have started to alert users against using non-secure sites by displaying warning messages and labeling them “Not Secure”.
  3. Our new map search has the ability to track a visitor's location using the device's GPS or location services, so as you move, properties pop-up on the map as they appear in your map's viewport. Without HTTPS, this functionally won't work.
  4. Facebook requires you to provide a secure URL for your web page in order to set up your Facebook tab.
  5. It’s really no longer an option if you want to look professional to your clients

It’s no secret that Google and other search engines now give a possible SEO boost if your site is secure with an HTTPS. A great blog to read about the changes Google made can be read here.

In 2014 Google made an announcement that they were testing all of this by giving priority ranking to less than 1% of all global queries, and with the recent HTTPS requirement by Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers on registration or login pages (any page asking for a password) and now with future plans to make secure sites an even more important, it’s really no longer an option if you want to look professional to your clients and search engines.

Note: We will NOT install, or manage 3rd party SSL certs at this time, so please do not purchase your own SSL!

The process to support HTTPS on our core product has already been done. However, each site that wants HTTPS will need to be converted. On a secure site, all content (images, videos, scripts, etc.) will need to be served over HTTPS. For example, if your site is HTTPS and your logo is displayed as an HTTP link, most browsers will display a "non-secure" warning. So, we'll go through all your pages, links, menus, blogs, blog listings (where available), layouts, elements, (your entire site) looking for "non-secure" items and we will correct them, accordingly.

We’ll review your site and verify that there are no visible “non-secure” warnings. Once that is done we will make some edits to force your site into HTTPS mode, regenerate your sitemaps and we'll send a ping to Google and Bing to let them know your sitemap has changed.

Due to the expected high volume of our clients who have already shown interest in this, we suggest you put your request in as soon as possible by filling out the form below. All requests will be handled in the order they are received.

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