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A Real Estate Lead Capture System is a must have for agents and brokers alike
who want to achieve financial success.

DynamicIDX's Agent Portal Broker Lead Capture Add-on Module

Are you a broker or real estate team leader who needs a better way to manage real estate lead capture page by your group's shared website? Who wants leads correctly assigned only to the agent who first acquired them? Do you want to put an end to arguments about which lead belongs to which agent? Are you tired of wasting time sorting out leads? Then you need DynamicIDX's Agent Portal add-on module.

How Our Agent Real Estate Lead Capture System Works

After the Real Estate Agent Portalis added to your site, you will no longer need to waste time figuring out which leads belong to which agent. Here's how it works:

NOTE: The Real Estate  Agent Portal system cannot coordinate between individual agents' privately owned websites and your office or team website. It works only with your main team or office site.

Key Features

  • Each agent member of your team will have his or her own domain name associated with your team or brokerage site. Example:
  • If an agent does not have his or her own domain name, the agent can be assigned a subdomain. Example: (See setup cost)
  • When a prospective client types the agent's domain or subdomain into a browser instead of going to your site's home page, the client will be redirected to the agent's profile page.
  • During the initial visit and in future visits to your site from the visitor's same device, no matter where the visitor goes within your site, the Agent Portal will track and associate the visitor with the agent who originally acquired the lead.
  • If that prospect later comes to your site by typing in a different agent's domain or subdomain, the Agent Portal will recognize the visitor's device and will know that the lead belongs to the agent who originally acquired the lead. The lead will continue to be assigned to the agent who originally acquired it.
  • An icon on your Leads page and in the Recent Leads area of the dashboard will indicate which leads were assigned via the Agent Portal.
  • If an agent does not have a domain or subdomain recognized by the Agent Portal module, that agent will still be assigned leads through DynamicIDX's Lead Lottery system or manually by the broker.
  • When a new visitor accesses your site without using one of the assigned domains or sub-domain and registers on the site, the visitor will be randomly assigned to an agent through the Lead Lottery system.
  • The broker can choose which agents he/she wants to be able to blog on the site.
  • The broker can choose a different layout for agent portal landing page for their agents if they so wish.

How Much Does the Agent Portal Real Estate Lead Capture System Cost?

The fee for the initial set up of your Agent Portal is $100. We suggest agents us their own domain for the portal but for those that want a sub-domain. We can setup special sub-domains like bob.[domain].com to link-in with the portal for a $25.00 fee per sub-domain.

Monthly fees: Monthly fees, invoiced at the 1st of each month will be based on the number of agents served by the Agent Portal at $10.00/mo per agent.


To find out more about how the Agent Portal works and how it can help you manage your business, call Mark Fitzgerald at 843.637.2411.

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Client Testimonial

I want to say that hands down, the Agent Portal addition to my DynamicIDX website has been a better than great investment for not only my agents but for my company as well. For a very nominal fee my agents have a very productive and easy to use website that they can feel comfortable sending their clients to, knowing that their client will automatically be assigned to them when they get to the website. This has saved time, money and hours of frustration for my agents and allowed them to learn the benefits of a DynamicIDX website as well. I highly recommend this addition to an already superb program!

Beth Ross
Carolina Pines Realty, Inc

The Agent Portal system has allowed our agents an avenue through which they can send their customers and still retain them as their own leads. Funneling all the clients through our company's website for property searches also creates an impactful marketing tool for our growing company. As a managing broker, this is vital for my company's presence in the marketplace and helps to create valuable brand recognition. It's turned out to be a great tool for agents to direct their clients to their own unique portal of the website and another way for them to market themselves and their subdomain name as well.

Shannon Todd

Working with our new website and agent portal is a breeze. It has many features that allow notes, quick response e-mails and a viewing the homes the prospective client is interested in. The portal link for me is another opportunity to gain business and help clients with their Real Estate needs.


Agent Portal add-on: If your DynamicIDX site is a multi-agent site, this video is for you. It will explain how you can use your multi-agent site and allow your agents to send leads to the site without losing the leads to another agent. This is a very important video for any broker.


Would you like far more detail?

The real estate market today is extremely competitive with everyone trying to gain an edge over their competition. With many new agents entering the business each day, it is incumbent upon the real estate company to provide a way for their agents to keep track of their leads and not lose them to other agents. 

Although leads and keeping track of which clients belongs to who has always been a contentious issue among real estate agents and brokers. Now thanks to a new lead capture system designed by DynamicIDX that issue has been conquered. As you will see, it seamlessly integrates it with the DynamicIDX agent profile pages making it so you don't have to worry about leads that you attract. Let's face it, real estate agents work hard for quality leads and we fight so hard each day to get potential clients that just losing one or two of them can be heartbreaking. The energy it takes to capture each lead from beginning to end should rightfully be yours and not someone else who has done none of the work. But thanks to this new lead capture system you have everything you earned right in front of you. 

Real Estate Agent Tools

Real estate agent tools are a very important by part of each business because without them we are left on an island with no place to turn. But thanks to some very good entrepreneurs who have developed systems to make the lives of real estate agents and their brokers much easier, now there is a less of a fight for leads, but more of what you can do for that client. Your lead should be yours and it should be one that you get to work in order to see if you can enter into a contract with them. If not, then at that time other agents are free to make their pitch.

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Lead Capture Agent Profile-Edit

Real Estate Agent Portals

In this day and age a lot of it comes down to real estate marketing. We see a lot of these fancy television shows with agents who cater to high class clients and celebrities and wonder how they got so lucky. Well is it luck, is it specific system they use or are they just in the right place at the right time? More likely it is their organizational skills, lead capture tools and their hard work along with determination to succeed is what makes them stand out from the crowd. When we talk about tools for real estate agents it can include everything that is popular today such as having your own website, search engine optimization, social media marketing, video and text based ads and now which is fast becoming popular among the real estate crowd is responsive websites aka mobile friendly.  

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Lead Capture Agent Profile

Responsive Website Design and Real Estate Lead Capture System

Responsive website is an excellent way for real estate agents to capture leads through the mobile audience. If you really want to capture the attention of the movers and shakers who are the big leads, you need to get involved with a responsive website. Since the majority of these big time clients use mobile devices and tablets, being able to advertise to them in real-time can give you a huge advantage over your competition. 
As a real estate agent you have looked over many of the different portals that allow you to find leads that you hope to close. But let's face facts here, you are in a huge competition with these people and there are no guarantees you are going to end up with these clients. You could be doing all the work, then if someone else happens to pop in at the right time you will lose that client to that other agent. But not so with this new real estate lead capture system developed by DynamicIDX. 

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Real Estate Lead Capture Page Settings

Real Estate Agent Marketing Tools

Everything works the same as it did in the past, but why should your hard work and everything you poured your heart and soul into in order to land the client be used as a reward for someone else? It shouldn't and that is why the new agent portal system assigns those leads to the person who captured them. It is only fair, since the person who works the hardest to advertise, market and hustles all day long be rewarded with the leads they earned. There is so much competition between brokerages today to hang onto as many agents as possible. Since a lot of money is spent on different marketing strategies such as broker recruiting websites and other lead capture systems, it is about time something came out that rewarded the people who work the hardest to have first crack at securing the services of that agent.

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Lead Capture Agent Settings

Lead Capture for Real Estate Brokers

With the agent portal lead capture system you will see how many more leads your agents have been able to secure. With just one extra sale a month the real estate lead capture system more than pays for itself. It is much better than those other lead capture systems that end up going to dozens of companies, and when you finally speak to the client they hate you because 10 other agents have already spoke to them that day. Is that how you want to do business? At that point it is all about luck and not hard work. It should not be that way which is why this new system rewards those that work the hardest. Each broker and agent can see all the leads that have been captured when they go to their main page.  The portal will designate the main agent who is responsible for the lead and in the end that is who it will belong to. There is no manipulation, no fighting over who got the lead first and there is certainly no luck or preferential treatment involved. The lead capture system works as it should, by simply rewarding those who earned the leads. 

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Real Estate Lead Capture Page

Many brokers have found out that a lot of the agents waste much of their time tracking down leads and not enough time securing them. lead capture system these leads are secured to each of the agents who earned them, thus there is no need for wasted time trying to figure out what lead belongs to whom. The real estate lead capture page assigns it to the agent that first secured it. As a broker this is very big because it leads to organization among your agents and less infighting and resentment. We all know the importance of marketing in the 21st century but at it can get overwhelming trying to keep track of every single website. You want to have your tentacles in everything, but it is easy to lose leads when you spread yourself too thin. Thanks to the lead capture system it will secure the agents place once that client clicks on their webpage. This way wherever the agent or broker goes they leave a trail, and as the clients follow that trail it eventually leads back to the main web page where they become a lead. 

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Lead Capture Logs

Best Tools for Real Estate Agent

Real estate is no different than any other sales job where leads are extremely valuable. Since there are many real estate agents fighting for too few leads it can become messy very fast. Who is to say which lead belongs to whom? Well at least that was the way it has always been in the past. Brokers and agents stealing leads and turning them into clients. But in order to have a respectable industry where the clients don't feel like their being bullied by dozens of agents, this new lead capture system is just what the doctor ordered. When you have a few moments check out the video to learn more about how the new lead capture system from DynamicIDX can help organize your company’s leads into a system that works well. Make sure you check out the entire website to learn about how the process works, why this marketing strategy is going to be a success and how you see it helping your own business.

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Lead Capture Page View

Lead Capture Tool

After checking out the presentation if you still have questions be sure to speak with a representative who will gladly answer any questions you may have. But as you can see, it is simple straightforward and to the point. Not only will it enhance your business, it is just the beginning of a suite of applications all designed to help the real estate industry move forward. The bottom line is, in the end this product is all about organization and saving money. How can you beat that?

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