Step 2 - Bronze Single Agent

Office Information
Please give us your office name, address and phone number
Select Your Layout

Please make sure you have selected a Basic Layout and let us know which layout you would like to use by sending us a link to the site. Below are the current layouts we have to select from:

Please note that you are looking at the layout of these sites and not the content as these agents are constantly updating their content. You supply the homepage and bio content of your site which is what gives your site that personal touch.

Changes: These layouts come as-is. you are welcome to have changes made but they will come at extra cost unless you have someone on staff that can make them. With vast layout changes, its sometimes much cheaper to have a custom design done.

Website / Admin
For more information, please read our FAQ here

Note: Admin access is not given out until after you have agreed to our review email. The review email is sent out once the developers have completed the site setup. We will not do any work through 3rd party without your permission.

Site Content for Home page and Agent's Bio

Potential clients visiting your website are looking for well written informative content. Well written content will certainly persuade and compel your potential clients to engage your services. Good content works as your sales rep and is your first impression on any potential clients. The content is also very important because it will greatly influence your search engine ranking. This is critical because high search engine rankings help your business reach a much larger audience.

Quality content will help improve page ranking and can be the difference between ranked on page one and page ten of search engines. That being said please take time when writing your content and if you have your content written by a professional make sure they do their research and associate the proper key words for you business.

    • Please provide us with your home page content in a text document (not scanned or faxed to us).
    • Please provide us with an in depth bio of yourself, in a text document (not scanned or faxed to us). Please note that content is only pictures and text. Any custom javascript, forms or widgets would be extra cost.

Header Images

We ask that all our clients purchase their own Header images in order to maintain ownership of such images. Please do not send us images you find on the web for free.

Suggested Sites to purchase Images: (Make sure the images you buy are at a min 1024x768 or larger). We suggest you select between 3 and 5 images for us to rotate on your header. I you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Sites: (These are in no particular order)

Header images are very large so please simply add them to your development ticket once it has been created. When you send us this form we will create a ticket from this form and you can then add attachments to it. If you are not sure how to use our ticket system please visit

Please do not use 3rd party tools to deliver images. You can attach images to a ticket or email them to Images don't need to be any larger than 1024x768.

Company Logo
If you wish, or you must have your company logo on your site please provide us with the raw image. What I mean is the psd file or raw data file that was used to create your company logo. This is need such that we can re-size, change the background of your log in order to make it fit with your site correctly. DynamicIDX strives to keep our sites very clean and crisp and easy to read. Please wait till your support ticket has been created before you upload your company logo and agent photo. You will receive an email once the support ticket has been created.
As the agent/broker of your MLS, you know the rules of your board and its your responsibility to make sure you follow those rules. If your MLS requires your licenses number or any other information on your website please let us know as you will be responsible for any fees incurred for MLS/Broker/franchise violations.
Design Color