Stop playing website roulette

Posted By Mark Fitzgerald @ Jan 28th 2016 10:25am In: Development

So you're not getting any leads with your website? Are you just playing roulette with your website money?  The first thing most people do is to look at moving to a different website provider, but that’s not always the best solution. 

With most website providers, you don't have the flexibility to select a designer, you don't receive marketing services or even an SEO expert outside of their company. So in order to have more options you end up having to move your website to another company. What does that cost? Well let's see, first you have to find a company that has a great reputation, the features that you want to run your business, and the flexibility to expand in the future. You would also want better options when it comes to the SEO, marketing, and designers to select from.  Now once you think you’ve found that company,  you then have to compute the time and effort of moving all your content to this new website. Well there goes even more money and of course more time, costing you more than you anticipated. Could there be a better way? Why yes there is with Myrsol.

Why do I say Myrsol? Yes, I work for Myrsol but it's more than that. Myrsol was built to give its customers website freedom. What I mean by that is that Myrsol wants you to have options when it comes to SEO, marketing, designers and much more. We want our customers to feel at ease in the fact that they have selected a very powerful Real Estate website platform that will make your website the most important marketing tool in your business. With Myrsol, If you don't like any of the above you have the freedom to look outside of Myrsol and select just any or all of the above to make changes to your site without having to move everything just to change one aspect of your business. For example, if you don't like your current design and you want to hire a 3rd party company you have heard good things about then you can do just that without worrying about moving your content or any downtime you would have by moving everything. They would simply create the design and then install it on a test page of your current Myrsol website for you to view and then when you're ready. In just a few seconds, your new design is live with all your old pages taking on the new look.

No more moving content and looking for a feature rich platform just because you're not getting leads. Instead look at the true issues, your marketing, design or SEO and save yourself money by not jumping from one platform to another only to find that all along it was just some simple tweaks to your current website that was needed. This is what Myrsol does for its customers and why so  many of our customers have been with us for more than 8 years. Come be a part of the Myrsol family and learn what true website freedom really is so you can invest your money where it should be invested in getting leads and growing your business.

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