Google Maps API Keys, Is Yours Restricted? Did you setup a budget?

Posted By Mark Fitzgerald @ Aug 11th 2020 1:32pm In: Development

If you have a website and you’re using Google Maps then you have a Google Maps API key.  In order to use that key Google requires you to put a credit card on file and they give you $200/mo credit and if you go over that you will get charged.

What many don’t know or are just too busy to know is that your API key is easily found by others and if you did not restrict it to your domain or IP then others could be using your API key costing you money.

Our suggestion is to add a site restriction for each of your Google API Keys and also add a budget so that if you do go over the $200 you will not get an unexpected bill.

Set up a budget:

Restrict your Key:

Below is a link to our knowledge base to help you with this.

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