Step 2 - Platinum (Broker Complete)

If you have ordered your site you can now fill out this form in order to get the site development started. The above video is an overview of this form and what we are looking for.

Here at DynamicIDX we strive to give our customers the best Web experience ever. We have all heard the horror stories of how someone purchased a website and it took months before it ever went live. That is one experience our customers will never have because we are very upfront with our customers when creating their website. The primary reason for a long delay is poor communication. Poor communication on either side can postpone any project by weeks or even months. DynamicIDX strives to keep in constant communication with our clients before, during and after any project. We ask our customers during the development process to answer all our support tickets/emails as quickly as possible and respond to our phone calls just as quickly. A delay on the customers end can not only slow down the development of your website but can also slow the development of any future customer’s websites as well.

Development Steps: We will be with you every step of the way....

  1. Order Website (DONE)
  2. Fill out this form.
  3. 1-2 weeks site will be ready for your review, starting from the day your submit this complete form. You will receive a "Review site email". Once you have approved the site you will be given access to the site on our dev url so you can do work on the site till your ready to go live. While you wait do visit our help videos here.
  4. Approve our work, check for issues and sign off. After this step you will be able to login to the site and make any changes before you ask us to move the site live.
  5. When you are ready to go live fill out the form here GoLive.

Below you will find a number of questions that we will need answered as soon as possible. Please take a moment to review these questions in full before you start to answer them. Please wait until you have answered all the questions before sending them to us. These questions are vital for us to complete your website and are not to be taken lightly. Remember some of the questions that you answer here will be seen by thousands of potential clients. Let’s put our best foot forward when completing these questions.

Thank you for your time and your business.

DynamicIDX, LLC.

NOTE: GoLive = Make your website live to the public.
          DOMAIN = Your website address like
           Root Folder = When referencing images, linking to pages and such, use "\" that represents your domain and is more dynamic than                            "
         URL = Includes your domain to a given page like
          SEO = search engine optimization 


Office Information:

Select Your Layout:

Please make sure you have selected a DynamicIDX Quick Start Layout and let us know which layout you would like to use by sending us a link to the site. Below are the current layouts we have to select from:

Please note that you are looking at the layout of these sites and not the content as these agents are constantly updating their content. You supply the homepage and bio content of your site which is what gives your site that personal touch.

Changes: These layouts come as-is. you are welcome to have changes made but they will come at extra cost unless you have someone on staff that can make them. With vast layout changes, its sometimes much cheaper to have a custom design done.

Website / Admin:

For more information, please read our FAQ here

Note: Admin access is not given out until after you have agreed to our review email. The review email is sent out once the developers have completed the site setup. We will not do any work through 3rd party without your permission.

Site Content for Home page and Agent's Bio:

Potential clients visiting your website are looking for well written informative content. Well written content will certainly persuade and compel your potential clients to engage your services. Good content works as your sales rep and is your first impression on any potential clients. The content is also very important because it will greatly influence your search engine ranking. This is critical because high search engine rankings help your business reach a much larger audience.

Quality content will help improve page ranking and can be the difference between ranked on page one and page ten of search engines. That being said please take time when writing your content and if you have your content written by a professional make sure they do their research and associate the proper key words for you business.

    • Please provide us with your home page content in a text document (not scanned or faxed to us).
    • Please provide us with an in depth bio of yourself, in a text document (not scanned or faxed to us). Please note that content is only pictures and text. Any custom javascript, forms or widgets would be extra cost.

Quick Links:

Header Images:

We ask that all our clients purchase their own Header images in order to maintain ownership of such images. Please do not send us images you find on the web for free.

Suggested Sites to purchase Images: (Make sure the images you buy are at a min 1024x768 or larger). We suggest you select between 3 and 5 images for us to rotate on your header. I you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Sites: (These are in no particular order)

Header images are very large so please simply add them to your development ticket once it has been created. When you send us this form we will create a ticket from this form and you can then add attachments to it. If you are not sure how to use our ticket system please visit

Please do not use 3rd party tools to deliver images. You can attach images to a ticket or email them to Images don't need to be any larger than 1024x768.

Site Colors

Your Social Media Links; (Only Ones you have an account with!)

Company Logo:

If you wish, or you must have your company logo on your site please provide us with the raw image. What I mean is the psd file or raw data file that was used to create your company logo. This is need such that we can re-size, change the background of your log in order to make it fit with your site correctly. DynamicIDX strives to keep our sites very clean and crisp and easy to read. Please wait till your support ticket has been created before you upload your company logo and agent photo. You will receive an email once the support ticket has been created.

What Comes With Your Quick Start Site:

Your website will include all the DynamicIDX features stated in your sign up. In creating your website we will include the above pages and links only and any additional page, links or changes to the look that you ask us to do are subject to being billable. You do have the ability to make these changes yourself at no extra cost, if you or someone on your staff is comfortable doing so. Please contact us for more information if you have any questions. You can also watch our video on Youtube.

PLEASE NOTE: While your site is using our Dev website address please do not generate any sitemaps or use the full URL to link pages. In order to reference pages within the site, you can always use "/" to represent the website address as "/" is industry standard. Please wait until the site is live to generate your site maps and submit to google. Thank you.

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