Merry Christmas from all of us at Myrsol!

Posted By Mark Fitzgerald @ Dec 20th 2016 3:40pm In: Development

We want to thank you all for your suggestions and support over the past 8 years. We have been working very hard this year, and with the release of our new versions we would like to give you even more. We have decided to extend the beta run for the Social Insights Data and the Text Message notification system until the end of January. so if you need some more credits, please let us know and we will add more credits for free until the end of January 2017.

The Social Insights Data has recently been improved to also do checks on the leads phone number in addition to their email address. So for example, if you do a lookup on a lead, it will first check the email address and if no data is found it will do a lookup on their phone number. This gives another chance of finding actual data on the lead.

There is still lots of you not using the new text message notifications. Simply login to the backend of your site, navigate to Preferences -> Sitewide Settings and click the Email/SMS tab. At the very top, enter your cell # and all lead notifications will be sent to your mobile device. In addition, by entering a default cell number, you will enable the ability for your agents to receive assigned lead notifications to their cell number (if entered in their profile). All that's needed is your default cell number and it will start working! This has been completely free since November and will continue to be free until the end of January, give it a try!

In addition, we have the following changes that have been made available to all of our customers right now!

Admin Section:

1. Leads -> Subscriber Email Tracking. You can now view all types of important email data for subscription emails sent to your leads who opt in for saved searches, favorites, and the property spy. You can see when the emails were sent and delivered, if they opened it, for how long (max time tracking is 20 seconds) and what email client they opened it in, see if they clicked any links in the email, bounce notifications, and much more. All types of great email data for your subscription emails that we hope you'll find useful. You can also view the actual email that was sent to the lead! This system is setup to rotate only the past 45 days worth of subscription email data.

2. Your lead summary page will now show a count of sent and opened subscription emails for the lead. Note: currently the text just says "Sends" and "Opens", and this is only tracking Subscription emails, not messages sent through the backend of the website.

3. Real Estate -> Lenders have received another improvement. You can now decide what classes a lender will show up for. So if you have a lender and you only want them to show up for Residential listings you can now do that. A text box has also been added where you can add additional information about the lender, but keep in mind that adding lots of content or text in this area may skew your listing details page since the area where the lender is displayed is very small.

Public Section:

1. Price change on searches. We have now made it so your customers can type in any price to search on. The system will auto format the price as you type which makes it very fast to enter a price from any device and allows your clients to narrow their search results down to the dollar. Especially useful for those of you who have rentals!

NOTE: This does NOT affect your quick search, as that is a custom snippet for your site. If you want your quick search updated to use the new price search, we can certainly do this for you but that would be billable time.

2. The City, Area, Subdivision, Zip Code, MLS/Address search dropdown have been updated to show a max of 3 columns of results (for large screens), and it's still mobile friendly and responsive!

Coming Soon:

1. The ability to setup SMTP so all emails coming from your website have a much better delivery rating. We're also adding the ability for your agents to add their own SMTP credentials, which will give them better delivery rate with their leads. SMTP is the most reliable email method since it requires a valid login to the sender's outgoing (SMTP) mail server. When this happens, the mail headers match the reverse DNS records allowing near-flawless delivery.

2. A new search is in the works! Our goal for this new search is to eliminate the need to have 7 different searches, and combine everything into 1 global search. This is a huge challenge, and there is still lots of work to be done. But we do want to mention some of the cool things that the search will include:

- Proximity based search (based on GPS location or IP address if using desktop) - Will display listings in a specific radius around you.

- Polygons, Circles, and Rectangles oh my. Finally the ability to draw pictures on your map and find properties within them, and then save those shapes as saved searches.

Like we said, this is a huge project and it's still a ways off but it's going to be amazing!

Thank you all for a wonderful 2016! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from the Myrsol Team.

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